There is no greater penance than patience

There is no greater penance than patience,
Tell this to only those who are wiling to listen ---pa

Be tolerant to the harsh words of cruel individuals,
Be patient, when hardship hits and be courageous to face it.
Be patient, until plants you planted bear fruit.
Be patient and pack the food, your time to enjoy is definitely ahead ---1

-Vadiraja Swamigalu.

This was sung by one of the greatest dasaru: Badragiri Keshava Dasaru elder brother of now wellknown Achyuta Dasaru, in Dharmastala Mahime, a Harikathe.

Taaluvike gintanya tapavadilaaa
Kelaballavaringe Peluvudu Sollaaa

Ketta manujaru nudiva nistudara nudi taalu
Kastabandare taaluu kangedade taaluu
netta sasi phala koduva tanakaa shantiya taalu
kattu buttiya munde unaluntu taaluuu

Keshava Dasaru died in 1997 when (I was in 12th grade). We have a cassette at home where Keshava Dasa still sings for us! His voice imposing and majestic.

I have a connected joke that I remember with this tape recorder.

My village did not have power and my grand father bought a tape recorder (I am told, I was 1-2 years old then). He also bought a cassette "Bakasuravadhe" (Kumaravyasa Bharatha-Aranya Parva) a Gamaka by Gamaki Hosabale Seetharama Rao and Vyakhyana by Raghavendra Rao (I think). Tape recorder worked on four battarey cells.

Later when my grand father met Gamaki Seetharama Rao, My grand father reported to have told him, "Nammane banni gamaka heli andre barlilla neevu, eega nodi nimmanna nammaneli dinaa koogistini" (You did not come to my home when I invited you to sing Gamaka, now look, I make you shout everyday in my home!)

Seetharama Rao did come to our home later. He sung,
"Ala beku naga beku samate shama vira bEku" - Kagga
in 9 Raagaas. As I pumped (tidi hidiyuvudu) the harmonium for shruti (drone) he made all the eyes in the room wet.

Yes in deed, "AlabEku nagabEku"........

Should cry, should laugh,
Should be well tempered and patient,
Like river flood should the mercy flow,
Like undeterred rock to the art, should the soul yield,
Wise men said this; I am a fool - Timma (DVG)

I am still in sad mode.. after my broken dagga.