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My roomy Manju and I tried some unpolished recording. Laptop mic was not a great choice but that was the best we had. We have no intentions of passing the blame on the mic. If anything can improve it is our song and do not forget to notice that we are at least a kilometer away from the drone (Shruti C#).

TareGaLa Naadinali Poem

Taregala nadinali gaali beesideyante.

Dadra Taal Tabla

Dadra taala attempt. (Intro by Manjunath Ankathatti)

[Our apologies for not being able to record nice smell of the Samabar that was being cooked by Channakeshava]


ACK: Thanks to Deepa for tips on embeding audio to blog. (


  1. haady tumba changide... aadare noise reduction s/w use maadi.. final output channage baruthe

  2. Thanks I will try that....


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