Alnaughty GOD!

Yup! GOD is alnaughty! Archbishop of Delhi talks in an interview. He happens to be from Puttur a town in Karnataka where there was some trouble with the religion. Here is a link to the pages of the book that says funny things about religion*.

I have found some thoughts on conversion reasonable.
"Only an intolerant and exclusive religious ideology requires conversion or funds it
on a massive scale."
Oh alnaughty GOD give me courage to handle rejection. Give others courage to tolerate my mediocrity and vice versa. Give me some gas so I can laugh at all these and oh GOD if you have time for a kapee let me know, let us go to Timhortons :) When we go to Timhortons Oh GOD I will ask this question keep an answer ready. Why did you make using balls much easier than using brain?

My concern really is not about any particular religion but about conversion from tolerence to intolerence, pluralism to monism and finally from the state of being stable minded to I do not know what minded.

Old refrain: more learned have said, "Samatvam Yogamuchyate" - Evenness is called Yoga.

Alnaughty true but which GOD? :(

*I have expressed sympathy and unconditional condemnation elsewhere.