01 December 2008

Incompetence Attacks India

I had shouted how and why Shivaraj Patil's appointment was an insult to India. Now, if your online profile reads "not political" read on. If you did not know what is the real meaning of such a claim, let me explain. Saying I am not political means, "run me over", "screw me as you like" or even, "step on me and I will take it sitting". Read on you are the "most wanted" in India not the terrorists.

Current government screwed democratic institutions; "non political" people kept quite. Most in metros hardly vote. Why will the politicians care? They are busy changing the rules of the game so they win all the time.

The attack on unarmed civilians is not the attack by terrorists. It is the result of incompetence that laid siege on India since 1960 0r so. No?


  1. Anonymous4:10 am

    I agree. Its become fashionable and liberal to be apolitical. Everybody in all wars right from the times of Mahabharata to the 2nd World war and now have taken sides and reaped the benefits/losses depending on whom they support. Sometimes it doesnt pay to be grey.


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