not voting? your place is in hell

Are you a Software Engineer? It is most likely that your name is not in the voters list. There are high chances that you goto a picnic on election day.
Yamaraja telephoned me to say that he has boiling oil ready for all the softies, in the hell. Fun aside! If your name is not in the list.. stand up wo/men and get counted. If we do not vote we should not complain should we? If we are irresponsible how can we ask others to be responsible?
Get your id here if you have not.
I will lose an oppurtunity to vote in general elections this May for the first time after I was 18.


  1. Anonymous7:33 am

    As per last update by Election commission at 4.00 PM, 38% voting happened in BBMP area...

    I think democracy is failing again and again, atleast 51% voting is required to draw the conclusion... there is no meaning in taking a mandate from the poll where voting is less than 51% and in such area what should be done??? is a big question!

    We can not blame the system, as the citizen's are not responsible and they just know to crib and complain. They just know to speak smart and show that they are concerned about the society.

    If you look at the rural area voting which is always better than the urban voting statistics. Our politicians are smart they know where is the vote bank and to whom they should beg for vote...

    That is the result of Loan waiver scheme, Colour TV, Rice @ Rs.2 etc...

    Feeling sick.. no words... How to educate these highly educated people boss???

    Gururaj Shetty

  2. some thoughts:
    - 52% includes who no longer stay in Bengaluru.
    - It also includes dead voters and NRIs. (NRIs are not eligible to vote because they should be living in the constituency 6 months priorto the date of election, - The Representation of the People Act 1950).
    -52% does not include thtose who have not registered to vote!

    I think we have a simple solution: -Allow voting by postal mail.
    -Allow voting by postal mail to overseas Indian citizens. Because they have their primary interest and investment in India being the highest remitters for any country in the world. It is their right to vote because they can not vote in any other country. They contribute to both local and Indian economy and business.
    -Fine Rs 1000/- anyone who has not voted and has studied more than 10 years in the school. Increase the fine to RS 5,000/- to anyone with a university degree and RS 10,000/- for anyone with a proffesional degree (adjusted to add inflation from the day of inception).



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