a need as a casue for noninfectious chronic physiological disorders

after careful thought i hypothesize that "need" is the primary cause for irreversible physiological changes, causing noninfectious chronic physiological disorders. to summarize the implications of such a behaviour, the following can be said:

a) disorders such as, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma, and mental illness are caused not only by genetic predisposition but by a need for certain physiological condition (a concrete example will follow).

b) the need could be a result of environmental factors, genetic factors or other disorders in the body.

c) it is thus possible to prevent chronic diseases by carefully researching the need and satisfying the need or by removing conditions causing the need.

i am presenting a concrete example using diabetes as an example.

if a person has stones in kidneys, one of the ways body can get rid of the stone is by needing more fluids. by creating an artificial dehydration body can make us consume more water for example. how can dehydration be created? there could be other ways, but we do not know how a particular mechanism is chosen. it may so happen that dehydration can be caused by polyuria (making us to piss more). again one of the ways to create polyuria is to increase blood sugar. if the body can increase sugar levels it can cause dehydration by preventing kidney from retaining water. prominent way to increase blood sugar is to kill beta cells there by stopping insulin production or producing delta cell tumor causing increased somatostatin production inhibiting insluin production. delta cells will not help much because they only decrease insulin production . this can happen in anyway killing beta cells (type 1) or inducing resitance to insulin(type 2) are effective in increasing blood sugar and there by causing dehydration. there could be antidiuretic hormone deficiency causing more pissing. the point is this results in some chronic condition including diabetes.

simply put a kidney stone may cause diabetes because kidney stone needs dehydration and diabetes is one of the ways to create dehydration (polydipsia). i am not aware of mechanism that is responsible for choosing a particular mechanism for causing a particular condition. but i only speculate that genetic predisposition might influence such a selection. for people who are not predisposed body might have to choose a reversible mechanism or an irreversible mechanism of the other kind causing other chronic condition such as insipidus (antipissing hormone deficiency).

thus to satisfy a need body panics and initiates a mechanism. if we are unlucky (read the choice happens to be) the mechanism might be irreversible causing a chronic condition.

similarly i am willing to argue that cancer is caused by a need for increased number of particular cells. which initiates an unknown irreversible mechanism causing uncontrollable cell division.

i searched if my intuition can find some support in medical lit. indeed there are several research results supporting my claim. i will cite them here when i find time. till them medicine people this should give you several research problems. go find out :)

Thanks to Prabhakara Medihala for explaining some physiology stuff so a computist can understand it.

[1] lack of water in brain causes increased blood sugar
[2] treatment of kidney stone might cause diabetes
[3] i did not find any study that says.. kidney stone causes diabetes... :) people do a survey......