good luck girl

everything except marriage is Made in China. we know where the marriages are made! why are marriages made in heaven? just for a change; we will immediately have to go to hell anyway! my grandfather once famously asked a man, "they said someone's wife ran away. you are that fella right?". a wife is much more complex to explain than a life, more experienced have told me. in short, on a serious note, and more reasonably, marriage is a complex relationship.

i was 18 and one day wished a girl good luck in her final exams. my friend next to me asked, what would look like a strange question. "why do not you consider marrying her?" he had asked. a decade ago i was not even sure of what that would really mean. everyone knows what marriage is; i knew when i was five! i knew exactly what it was! it was a women from some other village coming and living with a another family like ours so that a boy like me could come out of the women's bellybutton. that is what my mother told me. i had asked my mother, "where did i come from!". not much has changed in how i understand marriage! there is more detail to it and about where i come from, i was off by only 3/4 of a feet. not just that, i knew very well that my parents were lying when they said, i was dancing in front of the band, in their marriage! but knowing what a relation is and appreciating the magnitude of a relation are two different things.

a school junior of mine had a baby in her hand when i saw her last. i was in the college trying to get a degree. she had asked me, "you still in school?". yes, i am still in school after many years. a decade passed by since my friend's comment. my friend is looking. i am looking and the good luck girl is getting engaged. i have to tell her the same thing again: good luck.