Sanskrit Vs English

we both are Ind0-Europian languages. but the similarity blows me away. i encounter many words that resemble Sanskrit counterparts. i am listing some of them. i will add as i see more. these are apart from the well known mother, father, brother, sugar.

Sanskrit/variations - English
bandha - bond
vinasha - vanish
gachha - go
tat - that
aham - i am
naama - name
barbara- barbaric
manu - man
na - no
threeni - three
asta - octo
sapta - seven
mama - my

i will add more when i hear them...
there is a lot of similarity between upsargas and prefix and sufix in English.

i recited Yambrahma Varunendra Marutaha for fun. i have spit the compounds (sandhi) it sounds cooler than the regular version (listen here).


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