Chaos Theory

here is a chaos engine. (click it, it is interesting, you lazy X!) this is called the Lorenzian Water Wheel after Edward Lorenz a scientist who died few days ago. hiking lovers, he went hiking days before he died! hey you haters, he did not die becasue of hiking! fun aside, i could not find his paper "Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?". if you find it pass it to me.

read wikipedia for chaos theory. it is about determinism in seemigly random behaviour which are drastically affected by initial conditions. the famous butterfly effect is here.

this equation defines the butterfly:

do not run away. becasue like others (i mean programer who show a piece of source code and scare others) mathematicians make things difficult by drawing crazy symbols. they are simple most of the times. the equations describe how (x, y, z), the position describing something (a dynamic system) changes with time t. when x,y,z for different t and with some value for weights meta keta peta (i mean greek letters!) are pllotted, resulting structure defines a dynamic system such as the water wheel. it is called the Lorenz Attractor. (another name huh?)

although i never loved solving differential equations one thing i loved is to declare that the name is a misnomer. it should have been relations of rate change. they are all about the relatives of changing things!

more precisiely, a "rate change relation" is a relation between a relation that is supposed to be discovered and rate at which this unknown relation changes. at the end we will get a relation that has the relation described by the "rate change relation" (differential eqaution).

chaos theory is used in weather prediction. as of today it is known that weather prediction beyond 8 days is not reasonable due to the behaviour inherent to the weather system. knowledge of initial conditions are not of much help they say. but my interest stops there.

chaos killed him. i'm sorry, actually, cancer killed Edward Lorenz. wait! i mean chaotic behaviour of cell division! was i right when i said chaos killed him?