how to make rotti

Look at them aussom rottis. Me and Manju made them tonight. We will explain how this can be made easily and in no time.

Preparing the dough
add few pinches of salt to whole wheat flour
add cold water and knead till the dough is smooth
keep the dough for 20 minutes

Making the rotti
make dough balls each of the size of a lemon
roll the dough balls flat, using the wheat flour, use no oil
bake both the sides of the rolled dough on a pan until it looks like the picture above
put the half baked rotti on a mesh and hold closely above the heater
see it bulge like a poori

get ready to eat. This is the way rotti is made by Havyakas of Sagara region in Karnataka. I have not seen anyone else make rotti like this. i guess many would make rotti this way. this can be made in 30 minutes and tastes great.

Ragu and Manju

Watch this animation to see how dough is prepared.


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    Wow...Rottis are looking nice nalamaharaja :). Well, these rotis are called phulka in north india.


  2. anks madam. I have eaten phulka but did not know this is how it is made. I would like to think it is still a bit different :) We made it like Tandoori roti by making it thick. Tanks though.


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