is drinking alcohol progressive?

the author of an article in Outlook India proudly explained how he consumed alcohol while trying to tell the story of journalism in Outlook India. Not only was it irrelevant, but only served the purpose of showing him a "progressive" individual.

i am fed up with the people who tell me that drinking alcohol is a sign of progress! a professor here explained me about lefties. drinking and non vegetarianism is considered a sign of progressive people in India where both are considered "not good". in North America however, being vegan is associated with lefties where it is not a norm. these lefties mistake progress for difference. to be a progressive minded individual, one neither has to be a non-vegetarian and/or a drunkard but irrespective of their habits one has to be progressive in the real sense of the word.

how many agree if i say that taking drugs (hash/heroin) is a sign of progress? hash is legal in the Netherlands. they sell them(only in some pubs) like alcohol selling in America(only in liquor stores). drugs only damage head; alcohol also damages liver. governaments spend millions to ask people not to drive when they are drunk and yet most accidents happen because of drunk driving. real progress in deed! now, how can people say drinking alcoholic beverages is progressive when they do not consider drugs a sign of progress? to put it in plain, simple English, these "left-liberals" follow the "principle of convenience". if you like drinking drink it; if you like doing what others do not do because of religion/culture/tradtion, do it. but do not tell me it is becasue you are progressive.

not drinking and not eating meat is hard. i go hungry in many airports when they can not even give a bun and cheese while they conveniently stuff in meat in between and sell them. "no veggie burger sir!", they are not even sorry. forget about cultural non-conformance, nothing they do is physically hard.

my uncle told me a funny thing about society: we have more police outposts, more old age homes, and more hospitals in our town than we did before, our town is progressing! more crime, more children not caring for their parents and more diseases can not reflect progress. this is digress.

but the "progressive" people have made the life/maths easier now; just count the holes in their liver, you will know how developed your society is! easy in deed!


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