some thoughts on "civil" society

If Gandhiji did not drink but he is a hero, if you do not drink you face questions, "are you religious?". If Adi Shankara was a vegetarian it made him a saint, if you are vegetarian it is not any "more civilised". Jesus loved; do not follow it! You will be labeled timid. Do not tell the truth! You will look like a stupid!

Himalayan yogis smoke they are anubhaavis (ascetics?!) Buddha is an epitome of nonviolance while most buddhists are nonvegetarian. Meat eating majority on the other hand forms most of the "civil" society! I mean meat eating alcohol drinking class is more civilised and progressive, if you are not with them your are conservative. Saint Shishunala sharif drank country liquor shankari (his teacher a brahmin taught him that)

Yajnkvalkya an ancient philosopher and the author of the ancient laws Yajnyavalkya smruti ate beef! Meat eating Hindus won't! Eastern philosophy is mystic; Greek philosophy is majestic. Now blonde Jesus was a semite. There are so many Hindu gods that it is not even possible to figure them out! I read a text book of Music History. It categorises early Indian classical music as, I quote "uncivilised music".

"civil" society is at best a bastard of reason and hypocrisy.