the rainmaker

rainmaker refers to First Nations people who lead the ritual to bring rain. in Karnataka there was a tradition. an unmarried girl visited houses with something on her head and people poured freshly picked water on her while the other girls around her sang folk songs that bring rain. i have forgotten what the whole thing was called. it was interesting. i recall, it is Kappe Maduve: the marriage of frogs. they carried a rain frog called "vater kappe" in a basket over the head. rain frogs are frogs that make a vater vater noise and it is widely believed that they make more noise when it is about to rain in a while. vatergappe. i have seen it works. the more learned have called them common rain frogs.

[1] many claim they are only in Africa. i am sure there are some in India. at least similar if not the same. biology people figure out!

however, so called the sophisticated also do such rituals as Parjanya. i have carried water and we filled the sanctum sanctorum of a temple completely with water. there is a related vedic ritual , together they are supposed to bring rain. i enjoyed the whole process. silk, sacred topless clothe, hymns and the team effort brings people together during drought; not a bad idea.

the rainmaker is a novel by john grisham. i call it a story; it is short; only 80 pages. the last novel i read was 2 years ago: not a penny more not a penny less. i do not remember reading any novel other than this since long. i overheard Napoleon say only women read novels; men should read geography. now that i do not have wars at hand, i chose other ...graphies.

the rainmaker is a crisp fast running story. its style sometimes resembled my own way of talking. implies a lot and jumps from scene to scene in an unexpected way. uses readers imagination to fill the gaps. calls new characters by name and never explains who they are, leaving users guessing. the american setting and names do not help international readers much. i disliked its ending: hero marrying the wife of someone! could the author not think of something better? but it still is an amazing story.

the rainmaker is about a law student and his first case that he fights against an insurance company who refused pay a poor couple whose son has blood cancer. Donny Ray dies. Rudy fights the case in an interesting way and wins. disgusted, abandons the law profession.

by the way jury system was abolished in India i think in 1965. read about it here.