e gulabiyu ninagagi

Tervuren Gardens

A girl asked, "why did you give me the red rose?". I reminded, "It is a picture of a rose!".

I remember rice because of rose! Do you know why there is a food crisis? Leave poor bush for his comments on Indians eating more and Condoleezza (US secretary of state) was only commenting on her last name (Rice!)! Actually Vivekananda asked the youth to "Raise". Indians heard it wrong! We thought it was rice! So ate so much that NRIs are waitinig for rice in Saskatoon since 15 days :)


  1. Anonymous8:04 am

    You are saying indians are eating more rice, but our north india politicians are saying South indians started consuming more wheat and that is the reason wheat shortage in india. Where is the question of consuming more rice... now a days everyone is eating chapati in india( as said by UPA), there fore 2000 tonnes of wheat shortage...

    And, please don't unnecessarily blame for the shortage in rice ragu... he he... we all are eating chapati now....

    Gururaj Shetty

  2. that is true south indians should eat mud that will solve the problem!


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