there are different levels of conformance. higher degree of conformance to accepted norms is usually taken to be of higher quality. it occured to me, on a dull day that was last sunday, it is incorrect to attribute quality to conformance. however, i stop to acknowledge the effort and detail involved in achieving conformance.

in simple inglipish "unconditional appreciation is the key, not quality" (social socialism? eh?). i remember my grandfather appreciating even a rotten performance. he would say something that meant, "it was interesting in its own way!". that is only an example; i am not talking only about art. Be it science or anything for that matter. a seed for development lies not in conformity but in difference/deviation. pressumed lack of quality comming out of nonconformance is very important for development and hence deserves support.

even simpler: appreciating everything is very(!) neccessary. i know it is a hardest thing to do, but i am convinced , it is a more useful way of being.

if you did not understand what i was saying, easiest way to tell you is to tell you to appreciate my blog inspite of grammar and spelling mixtakes! i wont correct them, in either case :)