Plumeria - ಕಣಗಲ ಹೂವು

The image is stolen from somewhere!:)
This is ಕಣಗಲ ಹೂವು. Plumeria in Inglish. We made ಗಿರಿಗಿಟ್ಟಿ (girigitti) with these flowers. All you need is a grass stick (ಕರಡದ ಕಡ್ಡಿ) and a paddy hay tube. We ran against the wind with this rotating flower in hand! sexy? eh?

Most interesting thing about this tree is that if you separate a twig from a tree and hang it in the air you will see it growing! Leaves sprout from the hanging twigs!

This flower smells heaven. The tree is completely fragile. No one dares climb the tree! Yes its friend Karaveera stands next to it in our village.

This is used to make the famous Naga Champa incense sticks (along with sandle oil). I saw how the Native Sweet Grass is used. But nomatch for ಧೂಪ (Vateria Indica).

Why is this suddenly in my blog? :) Unlike in other places, Havyaka bride garlands the groom with a garland made of this flower, before the knot is tied! Then I have to return the favour. :)


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