Why should we vote UPA out

I would vote against the UPA Government in the next elections. Subverting democratic institutions and ideals to serve its cause and destroying all opposition parties using all possible arms of government seems to be the only motto of this autocratic government.

1) I do not want a Naturalized citizen to rule my country. Definitely not directly let alone indirectly. When my own countrymen are corrupt how can we trust a naturalised citizen?

2) I do not want this country to be ruled by an intelligent person lacking leadership qualities and a support from his ministers directly to him. There is IAS cadre to do the intelligent job. Leaders have to delegate it. We want a wise leader.

3) Congress upon forming government dismissed several governors many of them from states ruled by a party other than UPA allies. It is easy for them to play a political game which they did in Goa in removing BJP government, Jharkhand in calling Sibu Soren a criminal convicted by court, and finally to cap them all in Bihar, Boota Singh, even though the apex court ruled against him in a humiliating manner, UPA let him hoist the flag and had to resign after an uproar thought the country. Where was mister sincere Dr Singh then?

4) Law minister who is supposed to protect law humiliated judiciary by taking a unilateral decision to let O Quatrochhi Defreeze his bank accounts in UK. Or simply he killed the Bofors kickback case.

5) Carried out a vendetta on Jaya Bachhan while most of the members are enjoying one or the other office of profit.

6) Now Sonia Gandhi resigns falling pray congress’s own design. And this when they realise that there is uproar against an ordinance. This government will not hesitate to change the rule of the game to win it.

7) We want a strong opposition so that people can have a choice. It’s about changing governments. We should change governments so that the entire nasty thing a government does comes out in the next term. To do that we need a party that can provide a stable government. Congress is killing all opposition there by harming Indian democracy.

8) It’s not that BJP or any other party will do a great job. We can elect Congress again to check any problem that other government may create.

9) UPA government is wooing minorities to get votes. They wanted to divide Armed forces by a census. Who is communal now?

10) People have risen above the old standards. No one will care for Yatras Advani might take. Strong credible actions will be appreciated, not the dramas.

11) People come and go to develop and remain prosperous we need to protect out system and institutions.

12) I appreciate Dr Sing’s economic initiatives, but I am sure his service will be available to the nation even while he sits in the opposition benches. We cannot afford help less prime Minster.

I would vote against the UPA Government in the next elections and wait for it to come sooner.