Family Planing

Should family planning be banned?
Composition of the population in a country is more serious an issue than we think it is. It is very important for the government to have a clear population management policy.
Banning abortion is not at all debatable. We must accept it and proceed further to look at the population control issue. Having only one child is out of the question. Having two children is what is being done these days even in the villages to some extent. Having three children as a policy is something that needs a bit of thinking.
Keeping in mind that an average family can not afford good education and food for more than two children, it is good to educate different members of the soceity especially the Muslims community about the importance of family planning to help improve their economic status. May be after 50 years we should think of having 3 children in a family. This would help us avoid the problem faced in Europe; aging.
Its not a constant decision that is necessary but a policy which does a scientific assessment on the population composition of our country and gives a suggestion accordingly time to time as may be appropriate.