What Is Democracy?

What Is Democracy?
Democracy, most of the time means elitist middle class governance imposed on the poor non-participant masses that unknowingly and with no choice, choose an elitist to rule them.Their own fellow humans look inferior to them, not by character but by what I call "The Middle Class Unconscious Design'. The blessings of middle class and the rich are just enough to suppress the desire of the poor to take their rightful share in the opportunity; it kills the sense of humiliation as warmth overwhelms. If not in the later days all democracies without any exception are elitist in the beginning; history shall prove it.
Having set the tone for what I may discuss and elaborate further, it is quite a necessary to note that this is not the second part of the 'Communist Manifesto'. Neither is this anything to do with the communist ideology of revolution. But is it not true that majority on this earth are poor? Are we (read, all of us) not, in anyway responsible for their plight?
The poor and the unprivilaged have lost the battle that they never knew, they were fighting; the previlaged won it subconsciously.

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