23 December 2012

A list of free event management software

There are many open source Event Management Systems that can be run as web applications. I have used none of these. But this morning I spent a while in reading reviews and exploring which could be a best fit for us running our own conference/event management server. I will provide a list and links to them. Of course my opinion is as good as yours if you are new to this. Do give these a try and share your experience here so others may benefit. I will try as well my webhost permitting! Running these on my own little webserver is an option too but only will become a learning exercise. I usually would like my learning to be useful and fully functional after all the effort I put. So unlikely that I will spend time on something that wont be useful for anything.

[For beginners: These are softwares you can install on a web server which automatically gives you a decent usable event management website ready to use. But these usually need some customization and configuring to be useful ]

Here is a list (not a ranking):
0) This is probably all going to need: The Events Calender. I have read  is good for Wordpress though not perfect.
1) Indico by CERN folks seems to me very good. I tried their demos. It seems all geared up for scientific conferences.
2) Drupal's own conferences seem to run using User COD: User Conference Organizing Distribution.  This obviously runs on Drupal CMS. The look of it and proof of its successful use makes it the first I would try if I were to need event management.
3) http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=ocs - The Open Conference System. This seems to be nice as well but do not know how easy or workable this is.
3) http://zookeepr.org/ seems to be used in : http://linux.conf.au/
4) http://www.conftool.net/

5) http://www.openconf.com/demo/
6) http://www.read.seas.harvard.edu/~kohler/hotcrp/
7) http://pentabarf.org/Main_Page
8) https://github.com/herlo/ConMan
9) http://act.mongueurs.net/
10) https://github.com/igal/openconferenceware
11) http://sourceforge.net/projects/coms/
12) Here is another list of list: http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/2010/05/list-of-open-source-conference.html

These are also called Content Management Systems (CMS) or Plugins to CMS. Open Source Web Applications. Event Management System or anything you can cook up for it to mean similar thing. 

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