The Trafalgar Pub

Battle of Trafalgar was one of the significant events in history although it was not large, in scale. Result of the battle greatly influenced the course of the political situation in soth asia where both Frech and British had colonies. French had a Napoleon on land but none on sea! Eventually British overpowered French. South Asia came in to the hands of the British.

I am no general! But a Dutch coleague`s favorite place to hang out was a pub close to the central(Station): Trafalgar Pub. He had what people have in pubs and I had my favorite drink ((:). Along with some Pindas, (ground nuts) ofcourse. There we talked about how people trespass and extend their fences in to neighbour`s property and how bad the people in Europian Universities were since they were not admitting me!

He had asked me once, "what do you think about British?". I had given a strange answer: "I think they were (!) great administrators!". Great!! he had raised his brows!
"Yes otherwise they could not have ruled much of the world".
Where was I appriciating it by the way! They were the most hated people at least in South Asia. People do not have time to hate them now, that is a different matter.

I had even expressed my desire to see them(British) in their own place. He had promised me that I will not like it :)

Battles are on empires have gone. We were to finish our battle in the trafalgar pub and head back home. Then I would not have known Dutch were the most progressive peoples. He walked me to a restaurant run by lesbians. He had planned to offer a dinner. Thus ended the the Battle of Trafalgar.