Email Ettiquettes

We are in a world where emails are as common as saying hi to another fellow human being. It has become increasingly important to design a policy in handling email communication. There are some well accepted email manners. I have tried to point some of the things that I find annoying in email communication. Hence this just a list of things which I think, form what many call, email etiquettes.

* Reply all emails! Not replying is as bad as not saying hi even after somebody has greeted you.

* Always use the same email chain as long as you do not talk about something totally different.
For eg. all communication related to, say a subject line 'Alumni meet' should use the latest email in the thread to reply.

* Include previous message while replying.

* Note all the questions in an email and try to answer them all.

* Always send a 'Thanks' email when ever somebody is doing a favour. More importantly, mean it.

* Keep the subject line polite. For eg 'Move!', 'Does not mater' are rude.

* People in CC should either be up in the hierarchy or a friend. Subordinates should be CCed, only when it is a specific requirement.

* Never forward a BCC email to people in CC.

* Delete any personal remarks or history when forwarding an email, especially so if the history contains personal information and comments of another person.

* Do not be informal with formal emails.

* Do not assume emotions! Have them clarified.

*Always include greetings in an email. This sounds formal but remember one email without proper greeting can make that your last email to that person!

*Promptly reply if there is delay acknowledge it.

*Do not use email for something that needs to be orally communicated!