First PC First TV!

"We have heard that you have in your house a new colour TV. We want to see it.", declared my grandfather in front of a house in a town(Ulavi) near my village(Kattinakere). "Haan howdu"(Oh ya) said the proud owner. I was ten. I watched these two men talk to each other, completely lifting my head, as if to watch the sky. errr said the owner!

"But there is no power!"
"We do need no power. We will look at it", was my grandpa’s answer.

We saw the TV. Oh no the colour TV. It was switched off (there was no power!)(I can not stop laughing now). I remember my face I was watching the TV as if it was something extraterrestrial!

Curiosity never stops you see! I was at it again when I was in 10+2 (we call it pre-university course). One of my friends doing BSc promised me to show me a computer. Oh my god COMPUTER. He took me to his lab one day (That was a sneaking in stuff others were not allowed!) and my entry unveiled a PC. I saw the computer for the first time had no idea what it was for.

I thought the monitor was the computer. I did not know there was a CPU sitting horizontally bellow it. Oh ya I also saw the keyboard. I was 18 then.

I was to ask after an year, when somebody said "CPU", "cpu? where is that? what is that?".
One of my friends explained me later. "Hey did you not see that box sitting next to the monitor?"
"May be", I saw it after few days in my engineering lab!

Oh forgot to mention. You know what? PC was switched off when I saw it first time.



  1. I too had a similar experience. When I went to see a PC for the first time. I was about to enter the room where they had kept the PC the owner said "can you leave your footwear outside please as the PC might get infected from viruses" ;) ha ha ha


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