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My days of frustrations trying to find Tabla tutorials are over today. I have been able to collect a lot of information. I have promptly reproduced them here without permission!

Let me begin with the most important: Tabla Talas [1].

1)Jhap Taal

2)Yek Taal

3) Teen Taal
4) Kahrava Taal

5) Rupak Taal

There are many articles on how to produce basic syllables [6]. Video tutorial by Venkat on YouTube is one of the best ways to start [5]. Venkat appears to be one of the generous Tabla enthusiasts. While so called Tabla masters live by selling what is know to all those who play Tabla, Venkat has produced more than 10 free video tutorials. (A friend of poor Grad Students!)
Pete Lockett`s "Essential Guide to Tabla", appears to be complete with the pictures of finger placements on Tabla [2-4]. More information on theory and practice can be found in the free ebook "Art of Tabla Performance" by Prof. Sudhir Kumar Verma.

Although there are many Tabla guides, I feel they are not substitutes for video tutorials (Tutorial is no substitute to a teacher, some say). None of these guides give good instructions on Rela: fast performance. (Called Horalike in Yakshagana Chandey). Several players show off their Rela skills but none show the techniques.

I am scared that I might learn bad sounding Tabla play. Euphony is still a dream. I am looking forward to Krishnastami Bajan.



  1. dear brother, much peace in your direction! i'm a young yoga teacher, just recently moved back into saskatoon after 2 years of living in asia...i am SO interested in meeting up with other tabla players in the city...i have a set and took a few lessons in india but really want to learn/study more...anything you could teach me would be rad...let me know if you're

    much peace + many blessings!

  2. Hey Georgina, I actually live in Saskatoon as well (Eastside by wildwood golf course) and I LOVE TABLA. I've taken like 10 days worth of lessons in India last time my family went there and I've been trying to learn things via youtube and things like that. There's a few tabla players here that I jam with but they're all too good hahaha.


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