It is not fair!

It will never be fair enough. Yet a lot of things are fairer now. I am referring to socio-economic opportunities here. Whatever was before feudalism, I guess, might have been a worse system. Socialism was obviously better. Capitalism? I am not convinced yet. What is certain however is that, it is definitely not a fair system. To me it appears to be biased towards more industrious. It is not fair because it allows these industrious people to exploit not so industrious. Well, that is the way it is supposed to be you might say! I am not prepared to accept it. Because I believe there could be a better alternative that we have not found yet.

Let us not talk about capitalism. I just wanted to say that it is not fair to both buyer and seller. It is more for seller than for buyer. Let us look at governance. Is democracy fair? No. It is in favour of those who participate and is against those who do not or can not. We at least know of a better system: Anarchy. Many think that to be unreasonable. May be. I would rather like to believe that we are not ready for Anarchy yet though it is a reasonable idea (Kropotkin might be smiling. But I do not like his communist ideas).

Social organisation in to classes is not fair on the basis of community, race, caste, ethnicity have been judged not fair. Caste is an on going thing in India and there were people who rejected caste completely (Ambedkar) and some who rejected it partially (Rajaji). There are places where there is no organisation at all. That is completely unfair to everyone!

Then there are other things such as smart guys and stupid, friendly and not so sociable, strong and week. Some are labeled unfairly. That is why I wanted to say; "It is not fair!”.

(I know that is the way things are but this just a perspective!)