Lost in words

I wonder sometimes why people do not think about what they are talking! I keep meeting "Do not know what I am talking" kind of people. Especially, I see that, more religious the discussion gets there are high chances that it gets absurd. It sometime becomes bullshit. Let us see what happens in such social transactions. A guy asked me, "Is Yoga really guud?". A person who had learnt some Yogasana said "When it comes to Yoga... it is about the universe...". A great deal of mysticism is attached to entities such as Yoga. All else overwhelm the real meaning.

It is time that we address this serious issue of vagueness. We also have the other extreme: over simplification. I have come to believe that these two aspects in communication cause more problem than all others put together.

Our perception changes as the information base used to reason increases. But at a given time, we should be able to clearly convey what we know, without falling to the trap of the vagueness and over simplification.

The other day some one asked, "what is life?". I have all respect for his/her curiosity. But bittubidi swamy (leave me alone)! Let me live my life first :) Defining is drawing boundary between what we think it is and what we belive it is not. Definitive explanation of an inherently vague concept formed by society, can only be as vague as the concept itself. That is why it is necessary to make conscious efforts not loose our ideas in words.