Arali mara (Ficus Religiosa)

Peepul tree is a sacred tree. Why? Because my grandfather told me so! Even otherwise there are reasons.

But the one in our village is not only sacred but also dangerous! How to measure its height? How do we know how many houses it is going to destroy if it falls?

Think of an easiest way to measure a trees height without climbing it. It is easy. I will explain what I did to figure out if the tree is going to kill us on a stormy day!


  1. Manjunath12:58 pm

    I dont know whether this is the Tree that is growing on one of the wall in my house

  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    What is growing in your wall is Probably a twig of Pipul tree. Probably a seed has got there with bird droppings. If you allow it to grow it will crack and break the wall in years to come. Consult dept of forest.

    Peepul and Banyan tree is not advised near houses, as the roots can grow into foundations causing damage.

    Toworship ypou can have a potted tree like Bonsai.


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