Inhibition of Expressions

Unlike love at first sight or first love (whichever is more apt), first thing that comes to our minds appear more appropriate than others in day to day life. I was looking for a headset in an electronic shop. I had read reviews and had some information on bad headsets. I saw a person picking up a headset and thought of telling him that it is not a good choice! I stopped. Started looking for my brand and after a while gathered courage to tell other person that "other pesons choice was fragile and was known to break in weeks". The person appriciated that. Conversation went on. He gave me some information. That was mutually beneficial.

I have found myself stopping from whatever I wanted to say or do, many times. I have realised later that it would have been better, had I said or did what I intended to say or do. The first thing that comes to our heads seems to come from US: may be intution. Unless it is an extremely negetive thought such urges are a good thing to go after.

The problem is, inhibition that comes from the same US (ME actually, I am generalising to stop feeling lonely). Something tells me to keep quite, which is not so good. Following the natural urges oftentimes makes me much more useful individual and also keeps me relaxed.

All right. New Year. Happy New Year. Wait why are there 30 days in a month and 31 in many of them? Why not 27? Mess man mess. Head goes reeling if I recall that leap year thing form the Clark's Table.

Any way:
Happy new year to you
Happy new year to you
Happy new year to dear blah.