In the shadow of powerful ideas!

We are shocked by some ideas words and actions. Sometimes it has to do with our exposure however sometimes it has to do with the power of the idea behind the expressions.

Such shocks kill our ability to react and kill also our composure. Emotions come out and they might leave us perplexed. Tendency is not to react and accept the idea.

Where does the power of the idea come from? It appears is a mixture of many things. I list them.

Complexity - there are sometimes complex and take our time before we can analyse them. Simplicity - very simple but only in the reach of lateral thinking and easily would have missed the ambit of search.
Aggressive - Beyond the accepted limit of intimidation but less than what is clearly not acceptable. Clearly bring out our gray areas.
Apparently Logical

I used the word "shadow of" because we are so much influenced by their power that we can not react with our usual abilities. There is no comeback sometimes.

How to deal with them?

Recognising that we are in the shadow is the first step. Good luck, when you are shocked next time!