Black Powder

Why is face powder white?
It is said in the Indian epics that most beautiful women were black. I must tell you I have seen some of them my self :) (I mean "looked", okey?)
It is no secret, Indians love light skin. I have seen and heard old women in villages bless kids, "may you get a light skinned wife!". In Delhi airport, I have seen how a dark Tamilian was discriminated by the light skinned North Indian security personnel. Light skin has come to be seen as more cultured. Even in India? My God, there is not even 0.00001 corrilation between those two.

There are blonde hair colours, even red, my goodness, for people not comfortable with their own skin and hair. But why not black powder?

We had an adervertisement competition in the final year university. I advertised black powder; its wonders and how great people would look after applying them. Needless to say my performance was mediocre and so I lost. But this idea still comes to my mind every now and then.

Wear black face powder, look amazing. Ponds Jasmine black powder! Let me write Ponds now!