Physicists, this is not about particles. Authors, this is not about articles. This is about farticle. Is it about farts? Smell my note on classification if you like. But, this is not about fart either.

There are many meanings to it in urban dictionaries (as if villagers do not use such words). When I thought of this word I choose to think this as a synonym for bad use of articles (grammar). I misuse them all the time. Many misuse them but unaware of their adventure most of the times. In short a farticle is an article used inappropriately.

Alright, now what? Now, look. They have one thing in common. They do not smell always. When we misuse articles we do not notice them all the time. Only sometimes when they smell bad we know. Another similarity to its obnoxious counter part is their use unintentional and we may even say uncontrollable!

Until the English speaking ban them and as long as we have articles in English we will have farticles. The!