The Tiger Ghost Valley (ಹುಲಿಯಪ್ಪನ ಕಣಿವೆ)

If you are not supposed to die, you won’t. That is why many live to see the sun, under unbelievable circumstances. A boy was drinking water from a deep pit by a farm. Then he slips as if he ran out of luck. And yet holds on to a week pole spread across the pit. The pole may not break, but hands can hold him upside down, back touching water, for only a while. His friends were not too far away. But it takes a brave enough to risk to stretch a helping hand. Someone did!

I swear the boy did not know much, definitely not about computers. He knew a lot of things about, from how much it hurts when hit by a branch of particular tree or shrub to making a bamboo water gun or bamboo piston. He had been to the Tiger Ghost Valley only once! (ಹುಲಿಯಪ್ಪನ ಕಣಿವೆ)