03 September 2008

Kannada words in Marathi

Although I am not sure, I think the following words are borrowed from Kannada.

Marathi Kannada English
changli chennagi well
dhavane dhavisu/dhavanta run
sangitle simillar to Dravidian sollu? say
poora poora full (Poorna-Sanskrit)

if you can find the right way to screw Sanskrit word or Persian word you will end up having a Marathi word. If you error you would have found a word in other languages such as Bengali, Odiya, Gujrathi!

Tachini, Vahini, and other words in Kannada are from Marathi.


  1. Man...I wish whole of the marathi was borrowed from Kannada...that way i wud have become bit closer to marathi husband of mine..

  2. Anonymous1:32 am

    * changli chennagi well
    I feel this word is Prakrit word as the same word is there in other Prakrit derived languages like Punjabi and Bengali with (almost) same meaning.
    Kannada (haLe- kannada) might have borrowed from Prakrit.

    * dhavane dhavisu/dhavanta run
    Both Kannada and Marathi borrowed this from Sanskrit

    * sangitle simillar to Dravidian sollu? say
    Interesting observation.
    I don't know.

    * poora poora full (Poorna-Sanskrit)
    Yes like dhaavaNe; this is Sanskrit borrowing.

    These are Kannada words in Marathi :-
    tup - Ghee
    Anna ; Appa ; Akka
    huDakaNe - to search (less commonly used though)

  3. i agree with you! i did not know about tup/tuppa, hudukaNe is very interesting. please let me know if you find more. thanks for stopping by to clarify.

  4. I want to add one more word.


  5. Anonymous3:03 am

    swalp/swalpa - Marathi / Kannada
    Ninish / Ninisha - Marathi / Kannada


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