09 September 2009

Being neutral: Being apolitical and not religious

Being neutral is always a joke! I will try to defend this view point in this post.

We often see claims such as spiritual but not religious, not political, non-aligned, neither against nor for! None of them is true. It could be that we have not spent enough time to think about them and therefore we have not decided. It mostly means, unfortunately, that we favour one of the sides and do not admit it being dishonest to the degree required for such claims.

If we are not political we should not care for ANY political ideal. We should not care who rules. How can someone be clueless about someone who rules them? How can someone claim that it does not matter to them if they pay all their money in tax or part of it? Similarly how can someone seriously say that they would not mind someone being coersed into a particular faith, culture etc? How can one tolerate being forced to follow a faith?

If we can not stand these then we are not neutral. If we do tolerate such behaviour we are slaves.

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