Yuck Kidds

Indian media glorifies urban ignorance. There is no excuse, not even a bit. All of the English media is made up of urban people who do not even know there are forests and villages (They know slums by the way!). 'Villager' is a synonym for 'stupid' in many cities. A villager's kid is a 'Yuck'(disgust) for urban kids.

Sheela Bhat the editor of Rediff writes, "...
when urban India retired to bed after watching and surfing some 30 news channels,...We, urban Indians, came face-to-face with the 'real' India which was somewhere in those dark black hills known in Telugu as Nalla (dark/black) Mallai (hills)."

I can only laugh at her. So called urban people are not even 20% of India and they think 80% of India is stupid and these unawareness is an aberration! Why glorify their ignorance? So much cynicism is not good not just for their health but the health of India. Kids in cities call poor kids yuck (disgusting). I grewup with kids who were even nude;came to school with only nickker (shorts); shirts when they had any were torn by default. I was fortunate to be not one of them. They were never yuck. Parents never correct them. Region languages are languages to be spoken by house maids. English is "their own" language! The same urban people become powerful voices in urbane English media and drown all sane voices. Their benevolence is
of utmost important neither development nor well being of masses. Governments are solely elected to answer the media. They should first explain report and surrender to media before they 'work'.

These utterly unqualified gooofs rant their opinion and call it news while clearly they are out of touch with reality. Left untended we will see the likes of Burkha Dutta types and Karan Thapar types judging everything from nuclear physicists to below poverty line farmer as if they have all the wisdom and qualification. And what is it?:ignorance. There used to be column 'Opinion' in all the news reporting papers. Now we have opinion papers and I am still searching for 'Report' column!

In a conversation, an argument broke out that a plant can grow so many mtrs tall. An "expert" in the field related to plants who had never seen that plant in his life did some research and told me that it can not grow more than so many feet. I had to disagree for I had lived with them;played with them;slept on them;grew them and knew their medicinal properties. During the argument, where the Internet was clearly on "expert's" side and when I was already lacking a degree in Botany to claim any qualification, I said somewhere in the argument 'in my village and around' I can show you a bunch taller than you. Suddenly he said, "oh! you are from a village!" and my qualification suddenly went down by several university degrees in quantum physics.

We must stop this half educated pool of people that feels fit to judge anything and everyone. We must stop it before the insane and unrealistic voices take over and before moderate, realistic and genuine voices die.


  1. Nicely Wriiten Ragu. Not just this one but many of them in the blog. Ofcourse, I disagree on few little things here and there, but that is life isn't it. Great to see you blogging. Hope things are well in Toronto.

    Raj (from Regina as of now)


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