Prosody, GOD and me ;)

The tittle does not really mean anything. Here are flashes for the day:

I do not know how English poems and their prosody is studied. But I see that it is very hard job. Hard because the writing does not have enough information to judge how that will be sung. It is another matter that a poem can be sung in different ways or not sung at all. Then when writing the author must have some idea on how the poems rhythm structure is going to be. I do not call anything that does not have a regular pattern of rhythms inherent, a poem. It is a waste of time in the name of writing poem. It is another matter that we lose rhythms but that is not a reason for not having one at all. Anyway, I realised this tough task of classifying English poems because in Kannada we can enumerate syllables and understand the structure of the poem. When we read an English poem we can get a sense of it following a pattern but how exactly that is quantified is for those who know more to answer. Do not tell me we use syllabic markers or something I will have to go figure out what the hell that is.

At the same time, I saw how passionate the Pastor of the church was while preaching after the prayers where I spent some time thinking about prosody of the lyrics and enjoyed the amazing music. The preaching was about "Burial of Jesus". I know about 'religious emotions' but what surprised me is this infliction that we as a humans have: 'obsession about one thing of person'. Scores of temples and mosques included preaching about GOD: Rama, Jesus, and Allah. Everywhere they read a 'scripture'. Same story is repeated. It is a sheer waste of human energy to bite the dust of the 'scriptures' until we die. It is an unforgivable disease which must stop. Not only because it is our weakness but also because it steals away the time we need to spend on introspection and invent. To settle the scores and disputes is one and to DO something is another. I am a religious man. It however is my own business and to me it is about how much it can help me in civilizing me.

I was looking for a Bhagavad-Gita book that only explains the philosophy and not throw up the melodrama and out dated aesthetics of the spent millenniums! I could not find one. Let me know if you know such a book. I would like to read it. If I do not find one I will have to write one I guess! But then I will need to understand the philosophy of xyzYoga. That could be quite a bit for this bone head. From what I have read there appears to be a lot of additions made later on. Some parts are mystic blurring the real thing. Is every word in it right! Hell no! If there is GOD she is neither limited nor handicapped to only whisper some people and let others fight about it. But some people who push their own agenda do exist. I better be more carefull about them than about GOD.