A religion called government

Yes! This is a new religion! If you do not know this religion then well you already follow this religion: your government. I will try to explain this in the post.

Religions prescribe, inculcate and sometimes force things because "they" or "some" or an "enlightened one" "realised" that they are good for everyone. Look what the governments are doing! A board in the first floor (ground) of my apartment building read "The laundry room door must be kept closed after 10 PM - By law". Now, they tell me when I should close the door!! Haven't we heard them (Govt ; whatever it means) say things like, "wear helmet", "do not smoke in public" etc? But that is in public not at home. In a few years they will tell me when to sleep, if left to themselves. Because a study finds out that sleeping late increases the health cost for the government by 99% (say!)! They already tell us where to urinate (public toilets) wait for a while they are "thinking" they will tell you when to urinate as well. Then we need to take an appointment to take approval from a clerk to find out when not to urinate. I know I am exaggerating but just show how ridiculous things can get easily by applying "public safety" policies. This is what governments do.

This is too much government. Too much!! When a government becomes too much it becomes a religion! Simple. Wait a second who said religion is simple?