My attempt - - Kaavya Vaachana (Gamaka) - Harishchandra Kaavya

Skip this if you usually get headache after reading 3-4 lines of rant and scroll down to listen to shoutings right away! Otherwise go ahead. It is my day :) I learnt whatever I know from my mother. She reads in pure folk style (pure as in more folkish than I). Mine is all mixed up; I listen to Karnataki and Hindutani. Whatever knowledge of style and melody I have is by listening to Narahari Sharma Kerekoppa and to less extent Hosabale Seetharama Rao. Their Vaachana is professional, passionate and impressive. Their vaachana is a real reading/narration where both power of poet and intended effect of expression is appropriately presented. This is unlike people obsessed with raga and no emphasis on bhaava or emphatic narration. Some guys are out there turning everything in to music especially Karnataka sangeetha. If left only to these evangelists, they will ensure the slaughter of rest of forms that have anything to do with melody (Yakshagana/Gamaka/Doddatada pada/Folk drama etc). Do not mistake this as my excuse not to learn, to use raga, or a kind of hate towards Karnataki. I love Karnataki, listen quite often and remain impressed by the sheer amount refinement. I do not like the superstitious approach there as much. But, with more involvement and practice it is possible to sing in a melody that evokes only one kind of emotion. Frameworks that define these melodies are codified as different ragas. Many folk artists have created many ragas in their life time with unbelievable involvement.

Gamaka is not a form of singing. It is a reading form with complete emphasis on meaning and splitting compounds (vaachana pradhaana). In Bengaluru, Mysore and some other parts of Karnataka with more Tamil influence, Gamaka has become a form of singing where Karnataka sangeetha style is heavily applied.

I am bit nasal at this pitch level in white five/G and this is my way of making your day worse. An audiophile? I am one too, but cool down, these are crappy laptop recordings......err could buy me a studio if you want better quality! Listen to these shoutings and go whatever ............

1) Shree pathige sobaganu
2) Surapathiya Bhoga

Click to listen to Surapathiya Bhoga:
3) Bidudaleya Bitta kangala
4) Hodeda kadugada baaya

Click to listen to Hodeda kadugada baaya:
5) Bisudadiru bisudadiru bEdabEdakatakata
6) Muraham bandanabjaasanam banda

Listen to Muraham bandanabjaasanam banda:

Click on the play button to listen to all:

There are many mistakes in pronunciation such as, Eeekshu instead of Ikshu many more. Bear with me there I will get them right next time!


  1. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Just made your amma listen to this Rags! She is proud of u!!


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