04 October 2011

Demise of an honourable man

Is a man worth mentioning just because he is honest? In the increasingly self serving society of which I am  shamefully a part, being really honest and forthright deserves not just a mention but heart felt admiration. On the other side of the phone, my father informed me that my ailing uncle in law is no more; something I already knew. He knew it as well but he said it merely to mean some one very dear is no more.

Why does an uncle in law become so dear even when he spoke very harsh and unforgiving words? Because he would not say anything to please anyone. He would just say what is not false what must be said under ideal conditions. In short, he spoke plain truth out of concern for whom he spoke, even if it was at his own expense. He said to a man one day, my father said, "What is that you have done that you have come to ask for all things you want? Are you up to ruin the family? Get hold of yourself and leave at once to build your own life". The man heard uncle in law out and would hate him for rest of his life. But he spoke truth; no one dared to disagree. Oh yes, sometimes truth can be terribly powerful.

He did not live for himself. He worked and made life better for many families. "Everyone works for themselves, what man is a man who does not ensure better life for at least few other families? His children looked after him very well", my father said before keeping the phone down. Ele Thimmappa Kanugodu is no more.

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