A picture on wall

When light shines brightly on a picture hanging on wall, dust gives way to clarity. I move closer and closer as the swaying picture deflects light and slows down. I must see it. Have I not, all these years? Why see today?

Do you talk to people? Do you ask questions? Are you cool? Do you get lost? Or you can not find anything to talk when you meet people? Why? You are creative but slow! You are intelligent but only sometimes! Why?

Are you comfortable? You see things can be done. Yet, yet when you try you can only partial. Still your idea is  right. Only that it takes someone else to do it! Ah! What a torture. But you enjoy! You are so fierceful and stand for what you think is right, sometimes. You have passion that changes every hour.

All self introspecting souls one day find reality. To be at peace with it takes some churning. When all the pieces of the puzzle almost fit in, we are ready to leave. There will be a day when, what honest folks had said will sound correct and feel right. Our reflections will form a real picture of us, free from our own ego's distortion.

The light is dim now. But the ego is tired. Mind can see through little bit of dust; can really see better than eyes! I hold it firmly in my hand and bring it closer.

It is a picture of me. Oh no it is not on the wall. It is in opinions of people who know me, incomplete but closer to who actually I am.