Thoughts on Yakshagana Musical Style - Shri Gururaj Marpalli

Dr Joshy interviews Shri Gururaja Marpalli on Yaksagana Musical style. Shri Gururaja Marpalli demonstrates, on guitar and flute, various characteristics of Yakshagana Music. Udgaara, Gamaka, etc.

We were interviewing Ishwaraiah, Nambiar and Madhavacharya same day in Udupi and we had to interview in the afternoon. My brother picked up Shri Gururaja Marpalli from his home in outskirts of Udupi. Their interview so fluent that it required almost no editing other than trimming and some enhancements. This took a while before publication because of sheer amount of interviews I had to process. Hope you will enjoy this one. Thank you.