11 April 2016

Yakshagana Raga, Mattu and Techniques - Vidwan Ganapathi Bhat

Bhagavata Vidwan Ganapathi Bhat Mottegadde, Yellapura is probably the best traditional style Yakshagana Bhagavats and guru of our time. He is well known for both disciplined performance and knowledge of theory. He has also sung for Eka Vyakti Yakshagana and other experiments.  

He sat down at his Saligraama residence late evening to explain all things about Bhagavatike. He demonstrates mattu, changing tala, use of raga, etc. We drove from Kinnigoli where there was Tenku style taalamaddale and speech by Prabhakara Joshy and Raghava Nambiar. On the way we were able to visit Dr Narayana Shetty regarded as one of the leading prosody experts in India and a scolar of Yakshagana prosody. We reached Shri Vidwan's residence late at around 9 PM. I am thankfull for his time, patience. His wife facilitated the interview for which we are grateful as well.  

Due to a battery failure, audio of questions on his career and life is corrupted. I am working to clean it up and upload as a separate video. 

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