Lakshana and Tala of Yakshagana Bhagavatike - Dr Raghava Nambiar

This is a remarkable document on exact characteristics of Yakshagana Bhagavatike that make it sound different. In a first of this kind, Shri Raghava Nambiar explains how and why Bhagavatike is different and lays a framework to adhere to. He defines what Shastra means to Yakshagana and explanation of Yakshagana Talas in Karnataka Sangeetha classification. I will try to produce a commentary on this to clarify and make it concise.

Dr Raghava Nambiar a renowned author and a scholar of Yakshagana sat down at his house in Indrali Udupi for a long explanation, most of which he discovered and documented in his highly regarded research work on Yakshagana, 'Himmela'.

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