Evolution of Ideas

Existence is a proof of requirement. People who believe in evolution might agree with me. I am taking this thought to another level. This I think is what I term one of the profound thoughts I have had in a long time. I term things of all kind, "entities" (Idea, dynamics, physical object all included).

My opinion is that concepts or ideas evolve over time like biological entities. Everything to me, the matter, an animal, an idea, all are at some stage of evolution. If they exist they are needed. They are needed for improvement of certain entities.
(I had previously put it this way: needed for some good action. Dr Srikanth asked me: what is good? Isn’t that a relative term? I changed the wording. He is right. So improvement is the better word.)

However there is a chance that the same entity might play part in the decline of some other entity. Thus, as the word exists, it is at least hard to achieve mutual exclusivity. It is not like tossing a coin. Entities can be partly head and partly tails. That is to say, existence of something can not guarantee that it will not play part in decline. That is the cause of all ills.

If we take an example of a concept like extremism, I see that extremism is a much need entity in say bringing change. But it plays part in oppressing legitimate ideas say in religious extremism. Sexual attraction between men and women is another example (improvement?). Mother might get attracted to her own child (decline?).

Thus everything exists to result in improvement but the part it plays in decline shows up as the problems that we see in the world. It does not stop there I see a recursion; new problems emerge for improvement, again with side effects. This goes on and I do not see a reason for convergence! Entities evolve ... things change....anything beyond is out of my comprehension...

If you thought beyond this pass on the idea... that should be thrilling.......



  1. I am trying to improve my knowledge as well as my attitude.

    when I am studing something, only I study but Iwon't get anything into mind

    I need help from u. I want to be something.

    I want to consult a doctor but who is good for mind doctor.

  2. Dear Vasu, I am no Doctor of mind. If you are not understanding what you read, you are probably reading something that does not interest you. Change what you read you will find something interesting. Otherwise you need to find a strong motivation to read something. A motivation is the reason why you would like to do something. If you are serious about consulting a doctor goto Dr Ashok Pai in Shimoga, Karnataka. I may not be of use any further.


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