Qute Little BeOS

BeOS is dead. It used to sit on my desk along with Linux and QNX a few years ago I think in 2000 to be precise. I am dissapointed. I was confident that something smart would emerge and that it would be better than Windows.

Windows got bulkier and now takes 13 Gigs on disk. The great Mango Inc (I mean Apple) is not any better. I overheard some one saying house wives like Mac OS. When all these happened much promised Linux branched. Now I do not know how many flavours it comes in and I am sorry I am not young enough to try all of them. And lo BeOS is dead. I used it to recover files when my RED HOT (was it RedHat?) linux melted and ext2 was accesible via BeOS. It was small and beautiful. I would marry her if it was a girl :)

Much to my relief and much more to the relief of the whole world, sense previles. Some people are still sane and realise that OS should be slim and beautiful (Like a bride?). Haiku is being developed. I pin much hope on the immediate relative of my old friend BeOS.
I want to wake up everyday without having to worry about OS on my machine. I am going to give Haiku all my diskspace and time on my processor. My heart will wait this summer to see if Haiku was worth a crush.