It will not be defined here. I am only trying to express my Point of View (PoV) about nationalism.

Nationalism should be purely conditional. Believing that nation is a group of people sharing some common interests, the conditions that I would lay out are

a) My nationalistic thought and action should be in the interest of the nation without bias towards some of its section (of people).
b) It should not violate fundamental tenets of humanism.

First one is obvious. Second one needs some explanation. It basically means that my thoughts and actions should not cause troubles to anything (read anybody).

By keeping nationalism conditional I can be sure that it will remain a positive emotion always. It is worth mentioning that nationalism arises not from the ideological standpoint but out of profound ignorance of it and mostly arises out of selfishness. A selfishness that gives me (and you) an identity. I am sure there are other things. All such things I can remember look selfish to me.

How many of us know what the ideological standpoint of our nation is? (Or is there such a thing?). Even if we do how sure are we about its worthiness? In any case, the notion of 'our' and 'other' (say our people-other people) changes and any emotion rising out of such a changing categorisation does not deserve an unconditional support.



  1. What do you mean by the word - conditional? What is the conditionality contingent upon?

  2. Conditional means, this emotion should be controlled by cross continental values. Or put in otherwords "should not be instinctive".



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