Reassurance and State of Mind

Am I correct? Am I doing it right? How many times have we not asked ourselves such questions? What did we rely on, to be confident about we being right? Didn't some one else needed to tell us that we were fine? Did that reassuance help us a lot? If we think that was hepful, should expect that the scoiety has this responsibility to reassuare its members to give them confidence? Is't this role of scoeity a much needed part in keeping its members civilised and sane?

On Virginia University Shoot out


  1. True. Valid point. But in a rather capitalist world who cares.. social responsibility and social consciousness will seem like old-fashioned socialist ideals, for some reason.. sucks..

  2. If we are mutually selfish we are socialists. If we are shameless pursuers of self interest we are capitalists! If we are too serious about caring for ourselves we get more benefit by caring for others. This is a kind of capitalism too but it looks like socialism. If there is more profit in self centred approaches then it must be unethical.


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