University of Dusseldorf

I do not know how good the University of Dusseldorf is. But I know how it looks! It is a nice place situated outside the Western German city of Dusseldorf. I went there to write TOEFL. My English was finally to be put to test after 12 years of study and 4 years of use in my life in India and abroad. I lived in Leuven Belgium then and Dusseldorf was the closest place I could write the exam.

I reached there early morning taking the Euroline bus from Brussels. I must tell you here that I started previous night from Brussels. The reason I tell you this is because of an incident. I asked a driver whether he was going to Dusseldorf. He had replied "We are going to London Sir..". Wow he was really proud to go to London(every night ? :) ).

That aside I looked for Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station) (such a complicated name?) and found one at my back after asking two guys! These stations have room heaters you see. Well I ventured out after familiarising the surroundings. I had to find a hostel to sleep that night after TOEFL exam. I asked the receptionist at the hostel after finding one, "Are you from China?". He was unimpressed. He said I am from Japan. I giggled saying It is hard to distinguish you see.. heeh heee. He showed me the room.

I try to be early to appointments and end up reaching the place several hours early. It was not so easy to find the department in the University. I asked a guy for direction he spoke for a while and ran out of English. I wish I knew German. Found the place nevertheless. But most interesting thing happed on the city Train. I asked a young German to help me buy the train ticket. I did not know which ticket to buy because it was based on distance circles rather than on stations. Flocked with two girls on his sides. HE SPOKE TO ME IN ENGLISH. Yes he did. I said thank you. Then the girls started asking him (in German of course) "when did you learn English?". This proud young man spent next several minutes explaining his English scholarship. It was amusing to both watch and hear.

To be continued...... I will come back about the exam and why I had to come back again...!