29 January 2009

Cosmopolitan Monsters

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Individuolis Liberosis

Alcohol is the biggest cause for road accidents and biggest health concern all over the world. Let us not mistake condemning attack on some innocent people and supporting alcoholism. We should not let people take law into their hands, but that does not mean that we should promote smoking, drugs and alcohol. What attack on women are we talking about? This is an elite issue: problem for women who can afford imported liquor.

Millions of women and men starve without water. Why do media not pay attention? Thousands of women are being trafficked and being sent to dance bars why is media silent? Disproportionate attention on incidents like this and not caring for majority women issues is a sign of elitism in Indian media. Where is the Gandhian principle now? Media shouts on oct 2 that this nation is forgetting Gandhi? Did Gandhi ask everyone to booze and snooze?

Media and any responsible individuals should encourage youth to participate in more intellectually satisfying activities such as sports, music science and many more. Freedom does not mean girls and boys should drink. Criminals are arrested anyway. The bleeding heart secularists and irresponsible politicians are not only sensationalising this but have thrown all journalistic principles and codes of conduct to air by broadcasting opinionated news and liberal biased blaberation. Responsible youth should emerge smart and clearly distinguish the uncalled for act of criminals and be careful not to support pub culture that will eventually damage human resource of our country by drowning them in brainless indulgence. Most "social workers" and "media" sound like they are on rich people's payroll. It is time we wake up and bring some sense to these half baked activists (so called activists will help themselves if they read little history outside what they studied in their textbooks).

A few living in the cities are up with propaganda and are casuing long term damage. U R Ananthamurthy said terror laws should be applied. If there was ever a need to apply terror laws it is against this guy UR Ananthamoorka. It is a shame that he is a Kannada writer. Oppurtunists like him speak and decent people have to listen to him what a shame! Why has drinking and drugs become Indian culture and that too a progressive one at that? I want to listen some people with some common sense talk about this. Liberals do not even have kidneys forget brain!


  1. wish i knew the essence of freedom.. eh!

  2. i have given that a try gone nowhere!



  3. In the morning hours, a rave party bursted in bangalore...2.5kgs of ganja, charas, seven bottles of phenylephrine hydrochloride (California drop), beer tins, mobiles, as many as 60 vehicles and some cash were seized from the venue, he said.

    Why there is no coverage of this piece of news in the leading news channels???

    As of now there is no reply from Ms.renuka choudhary, activist pub bharo andolan.


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