09 January 2009

Satyam -on why it is not a big deal!

A strange negative psychology grips India. Trouble or Crisis? Blame, talk, punish and forget! Crisis is a problem. First reaction should be to understand how it happend. Second, solve the problem at hand. Third, document and learn lessons reform regulation to prevent such crisis. But here, so much of energy is wasted in punishing, trouble mongering and finally contributing to worsening the situation.

Satyam is an institution. It has created value. It still has business. It is not even under loss! Where is the trouble? Interest of the short term investors? If we worry only about these gamblers, who will worry about sustaining our nations institutinos that have given direction oppurtunity and goal to youth, created intellectual property and provided job. Does a short term investor think it is easy to build an organisation like Satyam? What is wrong with all the people including media? Media asked, "will Satyam survive?". What a joke. Media is asking if a profit making firm will survive!

Just do not bother about the investors for a while. They are gamblers anyway. Let Satyam get stable. It is not bankrupt. Where will the money go no where! Wait and the stock prices will be up again. Instead, everyone is up to kill it. Even its competitors: Wipro, Infosys, TCS. Few such institutions will create monopoly. We need more such institutions. We need to stop monsters eating institution so competition survives, IP lives longer and gives direction to skills and energy of the human resource to take our society forward.

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